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Do I need to opt-in for in-person if I’m not choosing this option?

No. If you would like to enroll for in-person learning you will contact the registrar at your child's school.  To enroll in the Academy of Excellence you will call 480-575-2301.

What if I sign up for the Academy of Excellence and then change my mind before the end of summer?

Every effort will be made to transfer the student back to their school of residence or previous open enrollment school. Course availability may be limited.

What if I start in the program and don’t like it?

Students may transfer to in-person or online at the end of each semester. Due to differences in course offerings between schools, course availability may be limited.

The process for change will require a transfer of  your student from AOE and enrolling your student at your in-person school.

Is my acceptance based on available space in the program?

Students who meet the enrollment expectations will be accepted into the Academy of Excellence.

Can I take some classes online and some at my school site?

No, the Academy of Excellence is for full-time online students in grades 6-12. All others should enroll with their school of residence or previous open enrollment school. Co-enrollment, enrollment in both online and traditional school, is not available. High School students should work with their counselor to ensure graduation requirements can be met through the AOE.

What if I’m out of the district, can I still enroll in this online school?

Students attending the Academy of Excellence must first be enrolled in the Cave Creek Unified School District before applying online.

Do you offer specialized programs for students with special needs through the Academy of Excellence?

Students who have an IEP or 504 should consult their current team to determine if AOE is the best placement for them and whether their needs are best met through online schooling.

What if my child wants to attend the Academy of Excellence but does not see the courses they want?
Academy of Excellence is a school of choice which focuses on core courses with some electives, although elective courses may be limited. Students interested in taking any courses not offered by the AOE should attend in-person at STMS or CSHS.

Can students work at their own pace?

Yes and no. Students in grades 6-12 will have two 9 week quarters to complete THREE courses each for a total of SIX per semester or 18 weeks for elementary from the course start-date to finish all courses.  In order to help students stay on pace to finish all coursework before the end of the 9 or 18 weeks, there are due dates for all assignments and exams.

Teachers will only be available during normal school hours.

Students are required to turn in work on or before the due date for each assignment/assessment.

Students are able to log in any time of day or night, any day of the week, in order to review and practice lessons, and submit assignments and exams. 

Students can work ahead of schedule and they can work more quickly through lessons that are easier for them and spend extra time on material that is more challenging.

What does a middle school and high school course load look like?

Students in grade 6 through 12 will take 3 courses each 9 week quarter. At the end of each semester, high school students will have earned 3 credits if they have successfully completed their courses.

Will I need to attend in-person for any aspect of this program?
Students may be required to attend in-person at Desert Sun Academy or Cactus Shadows for all state tests, district benchmarks and final exams. In addition, students could be required to attend in-person tutoring and intervention if the student is not making adequate course progress.