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Some students may need significant in-home support from an adult. Consider your child’s needs before selecting online learning. Students electing to participate in full-time online learning must meet the following criteria:

1. Students will only be permitted to transfer to in-person or online at the end of the semester (August-December) (January-May).

2. Students could be required to attend in-person tutoring and intervention at Cactus Shadows/Desert Sun Academy if the student is not making adequate course progress. 

3. Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) will be reviewed upon enrollment to determine if services can be met through the Academy of Excellence.

4. Co-enrollment (enrollment in both online and in the student's home school) is not available.  Students enrolling in the Academy of Excellence will no longer be enrolled in their school of residence as they will be considered a full-time student in the Academy of Excellence.

5. Open enrollment is available.  Contact the Academy of Excellence Registrar at 480-575-2301

6. All students may be able to participate in in-person school events outside of the school day hours, if in good academic standing and have met daily attendance requirements.