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The following skills facilitate student success in the online educational environment:

Computer Literacy

Students should possess basic keyboarding and computer skills and have the ability to produce class work using Google products, as well as navigate a variety of platforms. The ability to use their district student email account is required.

Reading Literacy

It is strongly recommended that students can read at or near grade level to be successful in reading course materials. Students in grades K-3 will need additional parent support when reading through course materials.


Students are required to communicate with their instructors. Students must be willing to ask for help and support from their teachers. Elementary and Middle School aged students (K-8) may need an adult in the home to provide support for the student and communicate with the teacher.

Guidelines for appropriate participation will be provided and reinforced. The ability to write clearly and communicate ideas is essential. Elementary and Middle School aged students (K-8) may need additional parent support when writing/typing in their courses.

Self-directed Learning

All students (K-12) must have a personal desire to learn and achieve knowledge and skills in an online learning environment. Students (grades 6-12) should be able to direct their own learning and contact their instructor for support as needed. Participation and attendance in online courses lead to student success. Students are expected to have regular attendance in their courses.

Time Management Skills

Students must be capable of organizing and planning any unstructured learning times. Students must plan their days to allow for attendance in any scheduled live learning sessions. Students are expected to work in their courses daily and put suggested time daily and should follow the suggested time set by the course and/or instructor. Students are required to report daily attendance minutes using the district tracking system. Students and parents should ensure that students meet the minimum time requirements designated for their grade level.

Academic Integrity

CCUSD expects students to demonstrate academic integrity and honesty in all work. Copying the work of others or from other sources without proper citation is not permitted. Student success should be the result of his/her own ideas and work