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The following are ways parents/guardians can help their child be successful with online learning.

Computer Literacy

Parents/guardians should have the ability to assist their child with basic keyboarding and computer skills including some Google products, as well as support the student in navigating a variety of online programs. Parents/guardians may need to support the student with basic technology challenges such as clearing an internet browser’s cache, installing browser plugins, and recognizing and enabling pop-ups.


Parents/guardians should support students in maintaining regular communication with their teachers. Parents/guardians should monitor the student’s learning to ensure the student is making progress towards course completion. Parent/guardian should check the district’s online gradebook (Infinite Campus Parent Portal) regularly for student grades and ensure contact information is current.

Time Management

Parents/guardians should be available to ensure the student is participating and maintaining a pace that leads to successful course completion. Parent/guardian is responsible for ensuring that the student attends state testing, district benchmarks, mid-terms, and final exams in-person at Cactus Shadows/Desert Sun Academy. Parents/guardians will be required to verify daily attendance minutes using the district’s tracking system. Parents/guardians should ensure that the student is meeting the minimum time requirements designated for the grade level. Parents/guardians should communicate any absences of more than one day to the teacher.

Student Learning

The online learning environment may not be the best fit for all students. Some students may need significant in-home support from an adult. Student progress should be monitored frequently. Grades, attendance, and progress towards course completion are all indicators of student success. Upon review of a student’s academic progress, CCUSD may determine that online placement is not in the best academic interest of the student. Academic progress includes attendance and student engagement. Prior to recommending a change in placement to in-person learning, the school will work with the parent and student to help the student improve his/her academic progress. Students could be required to attend in-person tutoring and intervention at Cactus Shadows/Desert Sun Academy if the student is not making adequate course progress.  If these efforts fail and adequate academic progress is not made, the student will be removed from online learning.